KING Gift Box

Introducing the King Men's Gift Box: The Ultimate Grooming Experience for the Modern Gentleman.

Treat yourself like royalty with our meticulously curated King Men's Gift Box. Designed exclusively for men who appreciate quality, style, and self-care, this gift box is the epitome of luxury grooming. Whether you're a seasoned grooming enthusiast or just starting your grooming journey, this collection has everything you need to elevate your grooming routine to the next level.

Inside the King Men's Gift Box, you'll find a carefully selected range of premium grooming essentials that cater to every aspect of your grooming needs. From the refreshing and invigorating scent of our signature body wash to the nourishing and hydrating properties of our premium dry body oil, each product is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your grooming experience.

Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, our products are gentle on the skin and free from harsh chemicals. We prioritize your well-being and believe that self-care should be an enjoyable experience. The King Men's Gift Box embodies our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and your overall satisfaction.

Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a special man in your life, the King Men's Gift Box is the ultimate expression of refinement and sophistication. Experience the confidence that comes with a well-groomed appearance and indulge in the luxurious feel of our premium grooming essentials.

Elevate your grooming routine, embrace your inner king, and unlock your full potential with the King Men's Gift Box. It's time to step into the spotlight and command attention with your impeccable style and grooming prowess.

Note: Each King Men's Gift Box is beautifully packaged and ready to impress. Treat yourself or someone special to the luxury they deserve. Order yours today and experience the ultimate grooming experience fit for a king.

  • 1-       8 oz. Bottle of KING Silk Body Wash 
  • 1-       5 oz. KING Soap Bar
  • 1-       4 oz. KING Whipped Body Butter 
  • 1-    3.2 oz. KING Natural Deodorant 
  • 1-       4 oz. KING Dry Body Oil
  • 1        Gift Box with tied bow








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