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Our Transformative Journey


Who we are


Our journey embarked in 2012, a turning point for my family and me. Amidst illness, we found ourselves grappling with inexplicable health issues. My personal battle with eczema was exacerbated by commercial products we blindly used, driven by coupons and convenience.

Our bodies were reacting to a toxic overload, a result of these seemingly harmless products – deodorants, soaps, and facial treatments. The revelation came from my older sister, who introduced me to the world of handmade soap. With her bar of artisanal soap, I experienced a newfound appreciation for the difference purity could make.

Despite never having learned soap making, I was captivated by its intricacies – the power to curate products tailor-made for our individual skins. I delved into the depths of soap crafting, eager to understand the nuances of essential oils, organic butter, and exotic oils. Formulas and methods became my obsession.

My background in medical collections spanning two decades took an unexpected turn in 2015. As breast cancer claims escalated, I was shaken. A deeply concerning article unveiled the disturbing link between aluminum-based deodorants and breast cancer. Fueled by personal loss, I knew change was imperative.

In 2016, Lather and More emerged, co-founded with my partner. While I dived into formulation and creation, my partner championed sales. Educating our customers about harmful ingredients lurking in everyday essentials became our mission. We urged them to embrace healthier alternatives, nurturing their skin and well-being.

Our journey from adversity to empowerment, from personal concern to collective care, defines the heart and soul of Lather and More. Join us as we continue to craft not just products, but a lifestyle centered on mindful choices and radiant well-being.

-La Shanda, Co-Founder