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African Black Soap - Unscented

100% Natural African Raw Black Soap for Face, Body and Hair- Unscented

What is Raw African Black Soap?

African Raw Black Soap is an all-natural product that originated out of Western Africa, traditionally contains a mixture of cocoa pod ashes, plantain skin ash and palm oil.

Benefits of Using African Black Soap:

  • relieves oily skin
  • relieves eczema and rosacea
  • mildly exfoliates the skin & helps to reduce dark spots with daily use
  • reduces acne
  • is great for removing makeup as it is rich in oils
  • economical (a little goes a long way)
  • helps to reduce premature ageing as it contains antioxidants and vitamins
  • works well on sensitive skin

Does it lather well?

Absolutely! Black soap produces a very rich emollient lather and gives the skin a clean soft feel. Black soap is 100% natural and vegan in origin no matter which West African tribal region produces it. 

Uses of Raw African Black Soap

The soap can be used for your entire body including your hair/scalp and your body. It is most commonly used on the face as a face mask or daily face wash. Some people add water and heat it or allow it to sit overnight in order to melt it for use as a shampoo.

The texture of the soap is soft so a special storage method is recommended. 

Raw African black soap absorbs a lot of moisture from the air which makes it very malleable.It will last longest if kept in a sealed, dry container such as a soap dish which snaps shut. 

Avoid using zip lock bags etc. as you will lose a lot of product on the bag.

Ingredients: roasted plantain skins, cocoa pod, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, salt and ash

Cruelty Free * No Harsh Detergents * No Artificial Colors * No Synthetic Fragrance * No Preservatives * SLES Free * Paraben Free


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